Mickey Callaway on WFAN: Amed Rosario 'Embracing' Leadoff Role


Amed Rosario has played a significant role in the Mets' second-half success. 

Rosario is batting .371 since the All Star break. He's tallied 52 hits through 34 games — including the first five-hit night of his career against the Atlanta Braves on Aug. 15 — compared to his 86 hits in 87 games in the first half of season. Rosario's success at the plate led the 23-year-old to say his confidence has reached an "all-time high."

On Wednesday, Mets manager Mickey Callaway joined Mike Francesa following Rosario's two-hit game against the Indians. Callaway mentions Rosario's ability to embrace the Mets' top spot in the lineup as a major factor in his recent streak; and will likely force the Mets to make a difficult decision whether to keep Rosario in the leadoff role. 

"He's more locked in," Callaway told Francesa. "He's very more alert. I think he's embracing this leadoff role. We're going to have a decision to make when [Jeff> McNeil comes back."

Callaway says that Rosario has been getting on base enough to bat leadoff. 

"That's what I'm kind of looking at," Callaway said. "He came in that first day, four or five hits in the first game he led off and just kind of been going from there. So we have some decisions to make. I know McNeil would like to hit second. He's talked about that."

McNeil is on the team's 10-day IL, dealing with a hamstring injury. He hasn't played since Aug. 13. Francesa asked if the ideal plan was to have his lineup be Rosario, McNeil, Pete Alonso and Michael Conforto respectively. 

"I think that's something we have to think about," Callaway said. "I don't think we can lock ourselves into anything because who know how people are going to be going when that time comes. But that's something we need to think about. That would be a pretty good 1, 2, 3, 4; right, left, right left."

Just like Rosario, Justin Wilson came through the clutch in Tuesday's win for the Mets. 

Wilson relieved Steven Matz after the latter surrendered two base-runners with one out with the Mets clinging to a two-run lead. The 32-year-old stopped any chance of Cleveland's comeback, striking out the ensuing two batters. New York doubled its lead in the bottom half of the inning, seizing control of the matchup.

"He's been the one that stabilized this bullpen since the All Star break," Callaway said. "Right when we got him back before the All Star break, you can see signs of it. Now he's taken the pressure off of guys. We went a while without a lefty so we were asking the Familias, the Gsellmans and the righties to get lefties out. That doesn't always work especially when you've got some pretty good ones like [Freddie> Freeman and Bryce Harper and those guys in your division. You need those lefties."