Francesa After Daniel Jones Pick: Giants Have Become 'Football Clowns,' NFL 'Doormats'


The Giants took Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the 6th pick in the NFL Draft Thursday night, shocking the football world. With the 17th pick, they took Clemson defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence. 

The focus of the night was the stunning decision to take Jones so high in the draft, when nobody had him rated that highly. With Eli Manning coming back next season, the decision puzzled the Giants fan base with the big defensive names like Kentucky edge rusher Josh Allen and Houston defensive end Ed Oliver still on the board.

WFAN's Mike Francesa went on an epic rant on Friday's show to open the show, ripping the Giants, especially Dave Gettleman and the front office, apart for the decision. 

"The Giants in a word have become sad," Francesa said on Friday's show. "They have become a sad, chronic, losing organization that has proved under now Gettleman's leadership that a) you can't believe a word that Gettleman says and b) that they don't have a plan. Because there is no plan. Because if you are going to listen to this man after last night's action...and this has nothing to do with Daniel Jones. He's an innocent bystander in this. 

"But if you are the guy running this team and is making the call and you believe that you are going to with the 6th pick in the draft select a franchise quarterback, which is what he has already called Daniel Jones then Daniel Jones should be playing from day one because that's what this league is about now. You should never ever had Eli Manning back on this team. There was no way it made any sense under any circumstances in terms of asset allocation, the way to rebuild this team or anything else to have Eli Manning and draft a quarterback at six. You either had Eli Manning here and you gave him a player at six that can help him win, because the Giants said they think they can win. That's out the window. Because at 6 and 17, they didn't even take players that I think will be highly productive. You're not going to see one unless things have gone completely bad in year one and the 17th pick, who I don't think is a bad player, but if he gets to be good he'll be Snacks. He's a 340-pound runstopper. You're not going to see him play on third down. He's not going to rush your quarterback. They did not fix that defense. They passed on a terrific player, one that Tom Coughlin jumped on even though he didn't need him and had his own holes to fill. He couldn't pass on what he called a superior player in Josh Allen." 

Gettleman has proved that there isn't a distinct plan in place. 

"What I have come away with is that they don't have a plan. They sent veteran players away. They act like they're going to win now. With the most important asset they have with the sixth pick, where you have to as a bad team get a playmaker. They got a guy who is going to stand there with a clipboard next year."

Does drafting Jones mean the Eli Manning era is now over? 

"Eli sees the handwritting on the wall and if you don't well pay attention," Francesa said. "They don't have enough players to be good. They didn't get the pass rusher they needed. They have massive holes to fill. They sent away good players. I thought they had a plan. It's a bunch of garbage. If you're in love with the quarterback then put him out there, let him play, and you should have used your assets by getting rid of Eli and use that money to get more players because the Giants would like to be the new doormats of the league, which they have become over the last six years. The Giants now act like losers. They have no plan like losers. The people running the team in my estimation are losers. I don't believe a word Gettleman says. He lied to everybody about what he was doing. When teams start talking about next year in the middle of this year it's because they don't know what the hell they are doing. This group doesn't know what the hell they are doing.

"They have become one of the laughingstocks in the NFL and have one of the worst records in the league in the last six years. Face it...the Giants have become football clowns. They're chronic losers now." 

You can listen to the entire opening monologue from Friday's show in the audio player above.