Boomer Esiason: 'I Would Say 50-50 We May Not Have Baseball'


There has been plenty of news circulating around the potential for a baseball season this year, but a possible standoff between the owners and players regarding salary reduction could get in the way.

On Sunday, an NBC Sports report surfaced that players could “go to war” with the owners if they are asked to take another pay reduction, a stance that has hopeful fans growing less optimistic for a 2020 season.

On Monday’s “Boomer and Gio,” Boomer Esiason pegged the odds of a baseball season happening at “50-50.”

“This is all gonna come down on the players,” Boomer said. “The owners would love to play, I know they want to expand the playoffs, I know they’re trying to get national TV money they have contracts with, but they can’t get money unless they obviously have games and the players are right now, trying to figure out how much money that is and how much money is going to be divvied up amongst players.

“It looks like they’re going to expand the rosters, have a taxi squad … I would say, right now, there is a definite chance, a good chance, I would say 50-50 we may not have baseball because of the players and because of what the players are going to want in return.”

Gio added that players refusing to take a cut to play baseball is not going to sit well with fans, especially many of whom have lost their jobs during this pandemic.

“The one time I really believe people stopped watching was the player strike in ‘94 and it took forever for baseball to get back,” Gio said. “So, you’re telling me now, fresh off one of the biggest cheating scandals in the league, we’re going to have a player strike during a pandemic, when we are seeing unprecedented unemployment throughout the country, and these guys are going to say we’re not playing for this amount of money? I mean, that is just about as bad a look you could possibly have right now.”