'CMB' Reacts To Robert Kraft Prostitution Scandal


By WFAN.com

The football world was shocked on Friday when police in Jupiter, Florida, announced that Patriots owner Robert Kraft had been charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution.

These charges came after local law enforcement conducted a bust following an investigation into massage parlors that were possibly being used for prostitution and human trafficking. Jupiter police Chief Daniel Kerr told the press that there are two pieces of video evidence of Kraft engaging in sex acts at the Orchids of Asia spa.

A spokesman for Kraft released a statement saying: “We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further.”

On Friday afternoon, WFAN's “Carlin, Maggie and Bart” show got started by discussing what everyone else was talking about: the Kraft news. Bart Scott had a particularly strong take about what the league should do to punish Kraft and the Patriots.

“I would take their whole draft from them,” said Bart. “It has to be something that cripples the organization. This is a black eye. You talk about conduct detrimental ... he has to be suspended for at least a year. You start at a year. I’d take their entire draft. I’d cripple the organization, and I’d put him on sabbatical.”

Kraft has owned the Patriots since 1994, when he bought the team and pledged to keep it in Massachusetts at a time when there were rumors of a move to Hartford, Connecticut. Since then, the Patriots have been the most successful franchise in American sports, winning six Super Bowls, including Super Bowl LIII earlier this month.

Kraft also owns the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer. The Patriots’ success has seen him rise to prominence as one of the most well-known billionaires in the country.

Maggie Gray took the time to point out how concerning the link with human trafficking is and that she hoped revelations about Kraft would encourage society to have a progressive discourse about such a serious subject. 

“If more comes out and he actually is part of something that is anything to do with human trafficking, this will be the impetus for us to finally, as a society, take on this very big issue in a real way," she said. "So yes, the first inclination is to make a joke. ... I think for far too long this has been an issue that has been in plain sight, and maybe now Robert Kraft might be the tipping point where we start actually taking this seriously.”

Listen above to CMB’s full reaction to the news involving the charges made against Kraft.