Scott Boras: Mets are a Rocketship That Just Needs the Right Astronauts


Among the many things swirling around the world of baseball is the Wilpons’ continued pursuit to sell the Mets.

It appeared as if a deal was reached this winter with billionaire Steve Cohen, but it fell through at the last-second. Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez recently emerged as potential buyers, but that pursuit dissolved rather quickly.

Scott Boras, appearing on WFAN’s “Joe and Evan” on Thursday, weighed in with his thoughts on what a sale of the Mets could do for the franchise.

“The Wilpons, Fred Wilpon, is a very bright guy. He built a foundation with that – owning the network, having the franchise, and built a beautiful ballpark – I’ve always teased in many ways they built a rocketship,” Boras said. “The white cloud of smoke is burling. It’s ready to take off. It’s just really all about the astronauts. Get the right astronauts on that platform it could be a really, really successful franchise for a long time.”

The Mets and Cohen reportedly had a deal in place that would sell the 80 percent of the team to him for $2.6 billion, but disputes over how much control the Wilpons would retain over the next five years ultimately nixed the deal.

Cohen has not ruled out returning to the negotiating table, but if he were to return, it would include purchasing SNY as part of the deal – something the Wilpons are unlikely to relinquish.

Meanwhile, A-Rod and J.Lo retained J.P. Morgan and partnered with biotech billionaire Wayne Rothbaum in April to pursue buying the team, but their relationship with Rothbaum fractured and the power couple’s bid has since faltered by the wayside.