Unveiling The Benigno Bracket Of Pain


Oh, the pain, bro!

We all know what a tortured sports fan Joe Benigno is. But what has caused him the most grief? 

We're about to find out.

Led by Joe's radio partner, Evan Roberts, we'll make our way through the "Benigno Bracket of Pain" -- a March Madness-style tournament featuring 70 games, players and moments that have caused Joe agony over the years.

This is going to be STELLAR!

Click the thumbnail image below to see the full bracket. Listen to Joe and Evan weekdays from 2 to 6 p.m. on WFAN, visit WFAN.com or follow us on Twitter at @wfan660 for updates along the road to crowning a champion.

And listen to the Bracket of Pain selection show on "The Evan Roberts Podcast."

Benigno bracket of pain