Ricky Williams Discusses New Freedom Football League


New York (WFAN) - Ricky Williams had a nice 12-year NFL career, including leading the league in rushing in 2002 and a Pro Bowl appearance. He's now turned his sights in his post-NFL career to a new league...the Freedom Football League. 

Williams joined WFAN's "Joe & Evan" on Tuesday to talk about this new league, which will be controlled mostly by former players and fans. 

"Part of the teams will be owned by the players and part of the teams will be owned by the fans and part of the teams will be owned by the operator," Williams said. "We're really trying to disrupt professional sports in the way it's done right now and bring fans into the fold...really make this league a player centric and fans centric league.

"We even talked about, and I'm not sure if this is going to make it through, but an idea that I had is...if you're one of the fans that has season tickets and you're one of the owners..on all 4th downs, on your phone, you have the ability to say if you're going to go for it or are we going to kick. I think that helps the coaches too. It takes the pressure off the coaches."

Williams is one of the founders and owners of the league. There's going to be a ton of former players that make up this league, both on the field and in ownership. 

"This league is founded by former players and we're taking the collective of our experiences and using it to create something that we feel is going to be superior to anything out there. Right now, there's about 100 stakeholders, and about half of them, about 50 former players right now, and we're inviting more former players. We think what's going to make this special is the collective experiences of former players that have been through this process." 

Terrell Owens, Simeon Rice, Jeff Blake, and Jeff Garcia are a couple of the names that highlight the list. There will be 10 teams and in cities where there won't be NFL teams, including Oakland, since they will be heading to Las Vegas. There also won't be drug tests. 

"It will be competition because we're competing for a similar pool of players and also fans, but we look at this being more than a league...that it's a movement," Williams told "Joe & Evan." "Our goal is to empower, not to exploit. The guts of this league are the ups and downs, the experiences from former players, and our sense of how things could have been better for us on the field and off it."

You can listen to the entire interview above.