Gio, Jerry and Al Congratulate Boomer on Becoming a 'Boom-Pa'


“Boomer just a couple days ago, becoming a grandfather – I believe it’s Boom-pa he wants to be called. I know he doesn’t like to hear grandfather – he says I’m Boom-pa, not grandpa – but you have to embrace it, Boomer. It’s a beautiful, healthy baby who is going to look at you and say, ‘hey grandpa, let’s go out and throw a football!’ or ‘hey grandpa, why are you always on your bike, and not with me to kick the soccer ball around!’ But I know it’s great, a life-changing thing.”

The words of Gregg Giannotti to open Thursday’s Boomer & Gio Show, reflecting on the announcement made yesterday that Boomer Esiason is in fact a grandparent after his daughter, Sydney, and Matt Martin welcomed Windsor Grace Martin into the world on Tuesday.

And of course, being parents themselves, both Gio and Jerry Recco know the feeling of an addition to the family – but also know what makes this one so much more special.

“They always say that grandparenthood is so much more rewarding, because you already put the work in, your kids grew up, everything worked out and they started a family of your own,” Gio said, “and when that baby starts crying, you can hand it to your parents!”

“But I bet you every one of them would give up everything to go back and do it again,” Recco added.

Boomer is off this week and will return Monday, but true to his personal brand, Gio revealed that behind the scenes, there’s no shortage of Esiason goodness in the show’s realm.

“In true Boomer fashion, we see the birth announcement on Instagram, and a soon as we started communication with Boomer about it, he starts texting Al and I articles again,” Gio said. “I’m thinking, Boomer, not only are you off, but you just became a grandfather, just relax for a bit and enjoy life! We appreciate it, but he is a man that even in the most extreme circumstances, cannot unplug. It’s amazing.”

“You, I know, you basically disappear when you’re off,” Jerry shot back at Gio, “but with him, it’s funny, you think he’s on vacation, and he’s got stuff for you every day.”

Only one more show day before Boom-pa returns, but you can hear Gio and Jerry discuss the new addition to the WFAN extended family below, and as always, check out more on-demand audio from the archives!

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