'Joe And Evan': Forget About Cespedes, He's Irrelevant To Franchise

By WFAN.com

Sure, Yoenis Cespedes' freakish injury was weird, but it won't impact the Mets much, WFAN's Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts said Tuesday.

Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen announced Monday that Cespedes suffered multiple fractures to his right ankle when he stepped into a hole on his Port St. Lucie, Florida, ranch. The slugger has not played since July 2018 as he recovers from surgery on both of his heels last year.

"He's irrelevant to the franchise now, in my mind," Benigno said on Tuesday's show. 

"All yesterday was with Yoenis is just to add to the laughing out loud at the Mets thing," Roberts said. "That's all it was. But anybody who actually watches the team or cares about the team understood that ... Cespedes was never somebody you thought about. If Brodie ever brought up, 'Hey, it's like making a trade in July,' we'd all chuckle and say, 'Sure, pal, whatever you say.'"

Mets slugger Yoenis CespedesUSA TODAY Images

Roberts and Benigno, both Mets fans, were skeptical that the story about Cespedes' setback was the truth.

"I do not believe the story that the Mets are presenting about Cespedes," Roberts said. "Now, I don't have an alternative story. I don't buy the story."

"How could you?" Benigno said. "He stepped in a hole? I mean, is that really (starts laughing)? The dog ate his homework? I mean, come on. God only knows what the real deal is there. Maybe it is the real deal, but excuse me for being skeptical."

Roberts summed up how he feels about the Cespedes era, who propelled the Mets to the World Series in 2015 and to a wild-card spot a year later.

"I was surprised they even re-signed him after '16," he said. "They re-signed him after '16, which obviously turned out to be a colossal mistake. We were wrong about that. I think most Met fans were. But I'll always have a place in my heart for Cespedes because of '15 and a little bit of '16. But for now, Met fans, forget about him. He doesn't exist. Certainly don't think about him this year. And now I'm at the point, Joe, I don't even think about him next year."