Boomer & Gio draft: What are the best/worst months of the year?


As messy sleet fell from the skies outside the WFAN studios on Tuesday morning, Boomer, Gio, and Jerry pondered what is the worst month of the year in the New York area.

Taking sports and weather into account, the trio make their picks, with Boomer making the case for why March might just be the worst.

“Baseball really hasn’t started. You got this World Baseball Classic nonsense going on, spring training and all this other crap going on,” Boomer said. “It hasn’t really started yet, so why don’t we just dig in, go to work, and talk about Aaron Rodgers for four hours?”

But, from a strictly sports standpoint, the best part of March is right around the corner.

“There’s March Madness, there’s NFL free agency, baseball is getting ready to start, we’ve got the NHL playoffs coming,” Boomer said. “From that standpoint it’s nice to be able to work when it’s crappy outside.”

February was brought up as a potential pick, but with the Super Bowl landing in February, Gio says the worst month of the year should go to one of the neighboring months.

“January or March is worse than February,” Gio said. “My No. 1 overall pick is July.”

July brings summer weather, but aside from baseball, which also has the All-Star break in that month, there isn’t much sports-wise going on. Football is still over a month away, the NBA free agency crazy is usually short-lived in the beginning of the month, and hockey is a ways away. For Jerry, the top pick comes two months later.

“September,” Jerry said. “Best weather month we have now, start of football season, baseball pennant races.”

The trio all agreed that November and December are both great sports months, and as for the best and the worst, here were their picks:

Jerry’s best: September, July, October. Worst, January

Boomer’s best: August. Worst: March

Gio’s bests: July, June, August, September, October. Worst: January or March

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