Boomer & Gio's Moment of the Day 1/13/2021: Grapplin' Gio


Greggy “The Body” Giannotti?

Never gonna happen, because if WWE comes calling, Gio’s saying no based on the remembrance of his cup of coffee on the high school wrestling team that was today’s Moment of the Day!

“I was interested, and somehow I got paired up with a kid who was like the top wrestler in the school. I remember him coming into that stance and coming right at me and destroying me,” Gio recalled. “He took me down in a nanosecond, and I hit the mat so hard, I was like, ‘I’m outta here!’ I walked right out the door in my little onesie.”

“So you didn’t like that wrestling uniform they gave you?” Boomer shot back.

“No way, especially the way I’m built,” Gio said. “Just walking outta there in a singlet, with a hairy back and a wedgie saying, ‘no thanks guys!’”

That led into a discussion of hard cauliflower ears, and, well, based on the few minutes that aired before the Moment of the Day reveal, we got a very phallic end to the morning show.

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