BT: 'Punk' Eagles and their fans are easy to hate, and that's a breath of fresh air


Brandon Tierney says the modern sports world doesn’t have enough true villains anymore, making the easy-to-hate Eagles a breath of fresh air.

“I find this really interesting, and I don’t think people are seeing it this way,” BT said. “The Philadelphia Eagles are a gift to the sporting world. They’re incredibly unlikable, their coach comes across as a little punk, the fans are out of their minds, and they're punks too.

“I think it’s awesome that somebody is emerging as a villain. You look at the NBA and the NFL, ‘Oh, here's my jersey, let's do a little swap after we kick the crap out of each other, let me sign my name. The Philadelphia Eagles are a throwback. They're unlikeable, They're good, they know it, and I think it's good for sports. I think it's I think it's great for sport. It's great for them because they embrace it.”

The Eagles certainly are good, though they don’t all come across as players embracing the villain role. Tiki Barber noted Jalen Hurts as a face of the team that may be going against that grain, though there are plenty others on the Super Bowl-bound group that seem to lean into the villain role, and he also appreciates that, even if they are hated rivals to his Giants.

Perhaps it just makes them even easier to hate.

“I think that the hate from the fans is kind of taken into the personality of the of the team, and I'm not going to say individually, ‘All these guys are jerks, this guy is a bad dude,’” Tiki said. “It’s not that, it's just how they present and how they don't try, they don't really care about being likable. Maybe Jalen Hurts is the only one everybody else is like, ‘I'm going to be a pain in the a-- defensively.’

“It's good for sport because there are no villains anymore.”

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