Evan Roberts reacts, on-air and on Twitter, to Joe Benigno's retirement announcement


You heard Joe Benigno’s retirement speech on WFAN’s airwaves on Wednesday afternoon. You also heard the praise he gave his soon-to-be former co-host, Evan Roberts, and the love and praise Evan gave right back.

“I’ve had the experience of listening to you, and working with you, and let me say this: the one thing people don’t recognize is that you are the same exact person off the air as you are on the air, and you’re literally one of the nicest guys in the world,” Evan said after Joe made his announcement. “I remember when we did our first show, I wonder what you would be like, but you took me around the studio and introduced me to everybody!”

That was all the way back in the days of Kaufman-Astoria Studios, and Joe didn’t even remember it – but if Evan does, then you know it happened.

“I hope people can have an appreciation for the guy you are, because it’s been an honor listening to you, and working with you,” Evan said. “I don’t want to make you feel old, but I grew up listening to you in the overnight! You had a hell of a career, one of the great runs in radio, and while I was trying to get you to stay forever, I kind of knew over the last couple of years this wasn’t going to last forever – but it was an honor to get to share a part of it with you. On behalf of everyone, thank you."

Joe can now ride into the sunset listening to his protégé, and as soon as Joe & Evan went off the air on Wednesday, Roberts took to Twitter to add to all the love that Benigno has gotten over the course of the day.

All the love, Joe, all the love.

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