Gio & Jerry expect Aaron Boone, Buck Showalter to both be back next year


Gio and Jerry wondered who the managers of the Yankees and Mets will be in 2024, and after mulling it over, neither expect there to be a change in either dugout.

“I think both are gonna be back,” Gio said. “I know that will drive Yankee fans crazy, but I just don’t see how Brian Cashman lets go of Aaron Boone, and then ends up blaming him for this season…and they look at things a lot more positively than the fans do.”

The only way Buck Showalter makes a return, in the eyes of Gio, is if he decides he doesn’t want to return for the final year of his contract.

“I don’t think he’s gonna get fired,” Gio said. “But maybe he says ‘Eh, I’m done.’”

Jerry agreed that if Showalter didn’t return, it would be his own decision, but he doesn’t see that happening, and he doesn’t see the Yankees moving on from Boone.

“If [the Mets] went 10-30, I could see him walking away, but I don’t anticipate that,” Jerry said of Showalter. “I don’t see him walking away…I think Buck will be back next year.

“And I’m gonna say Boone is back.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Quinn Harris | Getty Images