BT: Daniel Jones' struggles in primetime have to be a concern


Daniel Jones has the worst primetime record of any NFL quarterback with at least 10 starts under the lights since 1970, and BT says those numbers cannot be ignored.

“Daniel Jones is 1-10. It’s not all his fault clearly, but when you’re 1-10 in primetime, you have 12 touchdowns and 15 picks, and too often, you’re team hasn’t been competitive,” BT said. “I know there are circumstances, like bad coaching…it tells me when Daniel Jones plays a primetime game, which is generally against a team that’s good, he doesn’t play well.”

Jones has had plenty of criticism thrown his way during his career as a former sixth overall pick, but also has been given the benefit of the doubt due to constant coaching and personnel changes in the early years of his career. But BT says a sample size of 11 games is enough for concern that Jones can’t get it done against quality teams under the lights.

“I like Daniel Jones. I don’t love him. It’s simple as that,” BT said.

“Is Patrick Mahomes 1-10? Was Tom Brady 1-10? Was Eli 1-10? The answer is no. I understand you can be a .220 hitter in baseball for a year, and it’s bad luck…but you’re the quarterback. When you win, you get the praise. When you lose, you gotta get the hits. That’s the way it goes.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Christian Petersen | Getty Images