BT doesn't see Giants comeback as 'springboard' to relevancy this season


The Giants avoided disaster with a historic comeback on Sunday, but BT didn’t find the 21-point comeback all that inspiring, especially when looking at the game in its totality.

“What does it mean? I know it means a win and avoiding falling to 0-2…but are we supposed to look at these Giants and say, ‘OK, the first six quarters were the anomaly,’ or are we supposed to say, ‘That second half was the outlier’?” BT said. “I’m not feeling great. I’m feeling relieved. No doubt, it sets up a different energy going into Thursday against the Niners…but I just - it was the Cardinals.”

Arizona is expected to content for the top overall draft pick this season, leaving BT hardly galvanized by the Giants victory. Sure, it was an improbable rally in the second half, but this is still a team that dug themselves a 20-0 halftime hole against a team that is expected to be one of the worst in football this year.

“In totality, you have to include the first half,” BT said. “You have to. It happened. I don’t look at the third and fourth quarters as a springboard to something incredibly relevant this year. I just don’t.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Norm Hall | Getty Images