BT: Giants narrative was 'hijacked' due to overperforming last season


As the Giants fall to 1-2 with an incredibly important Week 4 matchup with the Seahawks on deck, BT says the team’s current outlook is a reflection on an improbable playoff run inflating expectations for a team that wasn’t ready to meet them.

“When you overachieve and the expectations soar…I think the narrative was hijacked a bit,” BT said. “The Giants were just nowhere near, coming into the season, being a prime, elite team. Through three games, I think that’s been reinforced.”

BT is willing to give Big Blue a pass for its Week 1 disaster against the Cowboys, but since then, only a magical second half comeback has avoided an all-out disaster to begin the season.

“Even though it’s Dallas and you have to be ready for Dallas - it’s Week 1, the Saquon pick, the muffed punt, the bad snap, maybe some circumstances - it shouldn’t have been 40-0,” BT said. “But then you go down 20-0 in Arizona.”

This season was also expected to be a continued rise for Daniel Jones, who earned a four-year contract after a career year in 2022. So far, Jones hasn’t shown continued improvements, throwing for under 200 yards with no touchdowns and an interception on Thursday night.

“We said we need to see at least 25 touchdowns, control the ball, and approach 4,000 yards,” BT said. “He’s nowhere near those bench marks.
I know it’s been three games, but he only has two touchdowns.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw | Getty Images