C-Mac: Can Giants prove they belong in second tier of NFC teams?


After three games and two lopsided losses, C-Mac says it is clear the Giants don’t belong in the conversation with the best teams in the NFC.

“They’re getting blown out by these teams,” C-Mac said. “I know there are key injuries, fine…but that Cowboys game showed a level of disparity…that’s scary.”

Still, not many expected Big Blue to be among the elite in the conference, but the concern for C-Mac is if the Giants can prove they are among that second tier when they take on the Seahawks in Week 4.

“If the Giants look like they’re not on the same level as Seattle, it’s a major problem,” C-Mac said. “They should be in the same boat as Seattle.

“The Giants should be in the mix. I know it’s year two of a rebuild, I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. But they should be right in that next mix of the next tier of NFC teams. There’s the Cowboys, Niners, and Eagles…those are the three teams that are at the top of the NFC, unquestioned. After that, you have the Lions, Seattle, the Saints with how they’ve played defensively. The Giants should be right in that mix. They can win games against them and lose games against them…at home after 11 days off, they should have a game plan that is good enough to beat Seattle.”

The Seahawks will come to town after a long week and a half of rest for New York, giving the Giants plenty of time to get healthy, game plan, and get back on track after Thursday’s loss. But if they can’t beat Seattle, there will be questions regarding where this team really belongs in the conversation about the NFC’s tiers.

“Let’s see how good this team really is,” C-Mac said. “Are they a team that can compete with Seattle?”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw | Getty Images