C-Mac: Daniel Jones just saved the Giants season


C-Mac was ready to call it a season just two weeks in, but he says Daniel Jones saved Giants fans from that disastrous reality.

“I was saying goodbye to a football season,” C-Mac said. “That’s how it felt. That’s how bad it was.”

Jones and the Giants looked dead in the water, trailing 20-0 at the half after losing 40-0 the week before. It was the first time in nearly 90 years that Big Blue began a season with six straight scoreless quarters, and C-Mac was wondering if Jones was set to regress after signing his $40 million deal.

“He underthrew Slayton for a touchdown,” C-Mac said. “He was throwing it behind guys. He looked lost.”

Then, Jones rebounded in emphatic fashion, becoming the first quarterback in league history to throw for 250 yards, run for 50 yards, log multiple touchdown passes, rush for a score, and not turn the ball over, all in the second half of one game.

Simply put, C-Mac says Jones saved the Giants’ season.

“Daniel Jones decided the season wasn’t over. Daniel Jones decided the Giants weren’t going to lose this football game. I wanted to see him rise above poor offensive line play. I wanted to see him take this team and deliver it where it needs to be. For the first six quarters of the season…Daniel Jones was trash. Then Daniel Jones came out in the second half and decided the Giants weren’t going to lose.

“That was the story of this game…the $40 million quarterback came out and flat-out decided they weren’t going to lose.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Christian Petersen | Getty Images