C-Mac: Make no mistake, Sunday was 'miserable day' for Giants


The Giants, at least for a moment, gave themselves a reprieve from an otherwise painful season with an upset win over the Commanders on Sunday.

But C-Mac says Big Blue had just as much of a bad day as the Jets, who were dismantled by the Bills after another lifeless offensive performance.

“Both teams had miserable days today. That’s right, both,” C-Mac said. “I understand there’s the thought of wanting to play well. You want to see good football…but we’re 3-8 now. What did that win get us? Do you feel better?

“I talked about how hard it is watching the games, and you have that inert fandom rooting for the Giants. I hate the Giants for putting me in this position, but they were better off losing this football game and getting a better draft pick than they are winning at 3-8.”

C-Mac says the goal should be a top draft pick to bring in the quarterback of the future, and winning on Sunday set the team back from that goal. The counter argument would be trying to maintain a winning culture in New York, but C-Mac isn’t buying that retort.

“They won a playoff game last year! What winning culture did it breed?” C-Mac said. “The season is over again before Thanksgiving! They need a quarterback!

“They got nothing from this. It’s a nice story…Tommy DeVito is playing well to keep Daniel Jones as the quarterback.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Rob Carr | Getty Images