Joe Judge on Daniel Jones' future: 'He gives us the confidence to go forward'


Is Daniel Jones the future at quarterback the New York Giants?

Even after just two years, that’s a question that will be asked ad nauseum (as if it hasn’t already) until either Jones takes a major step forward or the Giants make a change – and put down Joe Judge as believing it’ll be the former.

"When I took this job, I didn’t want to put any titles on players to create expectations, I wanted them to learn the systems and grow within what they were doing. But, I told Daniel that I has to evaluate him and see if he was the answer, a guy we could build with,” Judge told Boomer & Gio during an appearance on WFAN’s Morning Show Tuesday. “And this year, you could see there were traits the team responded to and his play was raised. Stats are what they are, but when you see a guy command the huddle, change within game plans, the way they prepare – that says a lot. In a lot of ways, we could say this guy gives us confidence to go forward, maybe in things that go unnoticed by the naked eye that give our team a chance to be successful.”

Stats are what they are indeed, and this year’s stats say Jones’ 2020 season was not as strong as his rookie 2019 campaign – but Jones also played through injury this year, not just in the Arizona game where he came back too soon in some eyes, but beyond, as well.

That said, Judge has no regrets about playing Jones against Arizona, even after Colt McCoy helped them win a game in Seattle.

“I’m not a big regrets person, but going into that game, we did everything we could to ensure he wouldn’t come out any worse than he had been – and at no point did he have a setback with the hammy,” Judge said. “He’s a tough dude, and sometimes injuries are a lot worse than originally let on – his lingered. He was physically well enough to play, and obviously we had a different style of play there, but Arizona had a good game plan, and we didn’t coach or play well enough there. We just didn’t make the adjustments we needed.”

And Judge did have praise for the backup QB that got the team one of their six wins.

“Colt stayed ready and was very supportive of Daniel, and when his number was called, the team rallied around Colt because they saw how much of a team player he was,” Judge said. “Our defense actually had a good connection with him because they played against him so much in practice, and they would give us feedback about things that helped us. He wasn’t going out there in practice to read a card, he wanted to make plays, so the team was confident in him when he had to step in.”

Listen to Judge's entire interview with Boomer & Gio below!

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