Morash doesn't like Kayvon Thibodeaux 'overdoing' sack celebration


Kayvon Thibodeaux picked up his, and the Giants’, first sack of the year early in Thursday’s loss to the 49ers, and Shaun Morash didn’t care for the extent of the edge rusher’s celebration.

“We don’t need the 10 minute Mr. Robot dance after. That annoyed me,” Morash said. “I’m big on celebrations. I loved when he smiled at the camera last year. You have done jack squat for two games. Jack squat. It is 2nd-and-8, and a precursor to them not getting off the field. You wanna do a little flex or something? I don’t need you going full Mr. Roboto for what felt like eight minutes. Get back to the huddle and go stop them on third down. You knew that was gonna be a bad night. I didn’t need that last night.”

Thibodeaux had been off to a slow start to the season, at least in terms of his stat sheet, but even after finally getting in the sack column, Morash says the celebration could have been a little more subdued.

“There’s a difference between overdoing a sack dance and a simple ‘I’m pumped.’ That was overdoing,” Morash said. “After we’ve seen you basically do nothing for two games.

“I didn’t need three bars of a Broadway play. I’m sorry. Find a middle ground.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports