Morash goes off on caller declaring he is already done watching Giants this season


Adam in Atlantic City called in to explain why he is already done watching the Giants for the rest of the year, and Morash couldn’t take another second of the Big Blue slander.

“Don’t watch a game the rest of the year then, Adam, how about that?” Morash said. “Good, so when they beat Seattle, beat Washington, and beat the Jets - they’re just not in the weight class of the Cowboys, the 49ers, or the Eagles! This is still a process they are building.

“Nobody picked them to win 12 games!”

Adam also ripped “Danny Nickels” for his struggles in primetime, and that was enough to set Morash off again.

“Your stupid stat about 1-11 in primetime, where not for nothing, you’re not paying attention!” Morash said. “Remember the losses we went over yesterday? [Evan] Engram drop. Darius Slayton drop. And he won a playoff game, you moron!”

Evan tried to calm Shaun down, but it wasn’t happening.

“He’s a moron,” Shaun said. “No, he’s a moron.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Thearon W. Henderson | Getty Images