Boomer & Gio are ready for the Mike White era, even with Jets-Vikings on tap Sunday


The Mike White era is here, and after the Jets’ 31-10 win over the Bears on Sunday, Boomer and Gio were all about Mr. White on a post-Football Monday.

“Where does the story go from here? I think he’s going to play well and end up taking them to the playoffs,” Gio said Monday. “You can’t do what he has done in the short amount of time we’ve seen him and have it be a total fluke. It’s impossible! He’s had two of the best games the Jets have played in the last decade.”

Gio mentioned Matt Flynn – who was also mentioned on the FOX broadcast of Jets-Bears – as one of the “total flukes” we’ve seen, and Booms had the fever…and a little déjà vu?

“He’s had two Mondays where he’s awoken, and we’ve had Mike White Fever,” Boomer said. “Mike White said, ‘Hello, I’m here, and I’m staying here,’ and now it’s up to him to stay on the field, because I feel like it’s a little déjà vu.”

It was déjà vu in that, much like his first start last year against Cincinnati, White was unstoppable.

“It was a tremendous performance. His accuracy was great, his ability to get rid of the ball was great, his ability to get to his second receiver was great, and he did it all with the rain coming down non-stop,” Boomer said. “That was about as good a performance as we’ve seen this year given the circumstances. Not only was he good, he was flat out great under those conditions, and all the pressure and expectations that were heaped upon him, so all I can say is Wow.”

Of course, Boomer had to note that there was one other QB yesterday who threw for 300 yards and three touchdowns without an interception…and it was Trevor Lawrence, who was selected one pick ahead of Zach Wilson last year.

Right now it’s Wilson on the bench, and that’s where Boomer’s déjà vu comes in – because we saw what happened when the Mike White Carriage turned back into a pumpkin last year against Buffalo.

“Mike White has sat and waited, and been a good teammate and backup who has been very supportive, but now it’s his chance to shine,” Boomer said, “and I think the only way Zach Wilson even remotely gets close to the field again is if this kid gets hurt, or has one of those four interception games.”

Which, to be honest, the former may be more likely than the latter.

“He’s inheriting a better team this year, so he doesn’t have to be all Mike White, all the time,” Boomer said. “Just make the easy plays, and their defense will keep them in games.”

The Jets play Gio’s Vikings Sunday, so that D is going to have to keep Justin Jefferson in check – but hey, just because Minnesota is 9-2 doesn’t mean they’re perfect.

“The defense will be taxed in Minnesota, and it will be up to them to try to keep the Jets in this game, and then Mike White can do what he does,” Boomer said. “But listen – Minnesota gives up a lot of big plays on defense, and Mac Jones went in there and threw for over 300 yards.”

“It was his best game ever, and it’s no coincidence it was against the Vikings, whose pass defense is really bad right now,” Gio replied. “They’ve got some injuries and the line hasn’t been as productive, and it’s frustrating, so who knows.”

Regardless of what happens on Sunday, though, the guys think Mike White is here to stay.

“This is exactly what the organization needed, and Rob Saleh made the decision at the perfect time,” Gio said.

Boomer’s take: “I think that the quarterback question has been answered, and there’s no reason to even discuss it anymore.”

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