Boomer & Gio: Is it Las Vegas or bust for Aaron Rodgers?


Is it Las Vegas or bust for Aaron Rodgers?

This past weekend at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am Golf Tournament, Rodgers was asked if there were any colors or cities he might like more than others, and instead of an actual answer, he mentioned how many people have been telling him they want him to re-join Davante Adams on the Raiders.

Which, to Boomer & Gio, should be disappointing to more than one team that wears green.

“I’m disappointed if I’m a Packers fan that I’m not hearing yellow and green, but I get that whole drama unfolding and that maybe he wants to go somewhere else,” Boomer said. “But the Raiders make sense because Nevada is a no-tax state, Davante Adams is there, Josh McDaniels is there…you’d like to think that’s a good place to go, but there’s also Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes in the division.”

The AFC East would be no cakewalk, either, with Tua, Mac Jones, and Josh Allen, but Gio thinks Gang Green nation should be disappointed with Rodgers’ words, too.

“If that was Jets coming out of his mouth, we’d all be going crazy,” Gio said. “I thought when I first heard that clip that he’d say something like, ‘I’m still under contract in Green Bay,’ but the fact that Raiders came out of his mouth is interesting.”

Boomer wanted to find a place to bet on Rodgers’ next destination and put the money on Vegas – and one thing that plays against New York, perhaps, is that it’s likely A-Rod’s choice of where he goes.

“The Jets could offer more than the Raiders, but he still controls where he wants to go play, so he could say no, I want to go figure it out with the Raiders,” Boomer said. “He’s a 39-year-old future Hall of Fame quarterback, how much time does he have left?”

Oh, and, don’t forget, Sin City might be greater than Gotham for many reasons.

“I want to hear about commitment, and immersing himself into the team,” Boomer said, finishing with this dagger: “Do you really see him moving to Florham Park anytime soon?”

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