Boomer's big Zach Wilson concerns: 'He's not getting any better'


Boomer didn’t see much from Zach Wilson on Sunday against the Cowboys to believe that he can make the necessary improvements to keep the season afloat in the wake of Aaron Rodgers’ absence.

“Some of the bonehead throws he made in the fourth quarter yesterday, he’s not getting any better,” Boomer said. “There were plays where I saw, obviously the Garrett Wilson touchdown pass, when he sets his feet, and he knows where he’s going, it’s great. But not when he has to break the pocket.”

Wilson threw for 170 yards, completing less than 50 percent of his passes while throwing three picks in the second half en route to a 30-10 loss. The Jets believed they were a quarterback away from contending, hence the acquisition of Rodgers, but with Wilson, Boomer doesn’t see reason to believe the quarterback play will be strong enough to maintain the Jets’ high expectations.

“The three interceptions were eye-opening…you can’t do stuff like that,” Boomer said. “The final interception, he just misthrows it, and Diggs is sitting on it.

“You’re holding your breath just hoping he doesn’t make a mistake.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Richard Rodriguez | Getty Images