BT goes off on 'pathetic' Jets, from Joe Douglas to Robert Saleh


BT didn’t hold back when giving his instant reaction to the Jets losing to the Bills when he opened Monday’s show.

BT called for the entire organization, from top to bottom, to be looked at after the Jets fell to 4-6 and appear to be heading to another finish that doesn’t include a playoff berth.

“Joe Douglas, we gotta start looking into him,” BT said. “Ownership, we’ve talked about that forever. The New York Jets, once again, rewrite the book on being pathetic.

“I don’t know how you can have less of a feel for your team than [Robert] Saleh…the way Saleh projected on Friday, I thought this team would be ready to go. The big, bad, tough talk from Saleh is complete nonsense.”

As for Nathaniel Hackett, BT wants him gone as well.

“I would say ‘Hackett, just leave dude. Go to your office, pack up your stuff, and go,’” BT said. “It’s just utterly disgraceful.”

Sal had to credit BT for sticking with the Jets as they continue to disappoint, but BT says it’s getting harder and harder to turn on the game every Sunday.

“How do I do it? I don’t know,” BT said. “All I know is, football is supposed to be a diversion from real life…I’m watching these Jet games week after week, and I’m bored. I’d rather be watching an infomercial.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Elsa | Getty Images