BT has more faith in Jets making playoffs over Giants due to superior talent


Sal posed the question to BT: if the Jets lose on Sunday, will he lose his faith that Gang Green can still make the playoffs without Aaron Rodgers?

“It’s significantly waning, and a little bit more enthusiastic than how I would feel about the Giants, because the Jets have more talent,” BT said. “Not at quarterback, but everywhere else.

“I won’t be as resolute, but I will still believe that there is a path and they will get there. If the Patriots score points and move the ball, that’s different. Then I would have a different take on that.”

Sal is much higher on the Giants than BT is, but BT still believes his Jets can win some surprising games, even after Sal listed the rough road ahead that includes the Chiefs and Eagles in the next three weeks.

“They’re gonna beat the Giants,” BT said. “I wouldn’t assign that many guaranteed losses for the Jets. Not with that defense.”

Still, BT would much rather see the Jets end their losing streak against the Patriots on Sunday than deal with grappling with his playoff confidence.

“This isn’t a road I want to go down,” BT said. “I want to be clear about that.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Elsa | Getty Images