C-Mac: No reason Zach Wilson should start again for Jets


Zach Wilson was benched on Sunday with the Jets down big to the Bills, and C-Mac says it needs to be the former No. 2 overall pick’s last game with Gang Green.

Robert Saleh wouldn’t commit to naming a starter for Friday’s game against the Dolphins when asked about it on Sunday, but C-Mac says the decision should already be made.

“Let me just tell you, coach Saleh. He’s done. Put him out of his misery,” C-Mac said. “Why would you bring him back? Why would you play him on Friday and make him the face of a 47-12 loss? Why would you do that? It’s over.

“You’re not going to Rodgers now, or a competent backup, that’s the GM’s fault, but we know what Zach Wilson will do, and we know how the team feels about him. You’re trying to spark something here.”

C-Mac believes the evidence is all there that Wilson is a bust, so the argument to keep playing him to see if he can show his potential is no longer a valid one. Now it’s time to try someone new to avoid losing the rest of the team.

“What’s the point of playing him? You have to give this team something to believe in, even if it’s Boyle,” C-Mac said. “They know what Zach Wilson does, and that is lose football games.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Sarah Stier | Getty Images