Craig explains why 'Aaron Rodgers will never play a down' for the Jets


Aaron Rodgers has publicly stated that he intends to play for the Jets next season, while his current team has publicly stated that it is ready to turn the page and move on with Jordan Love as its starting quarterback.

So, why does Craig Carton believe Rodgers is never coming to New York?

It comes down to street code.

“Aaron Rodgers will never play a down for the New York Jets,” Craig said.

“Aaron Rodgers made a classic street mistake. He misjudged the guy he was fighting with. And if you didn't grow up on the streets of the five boroughs, maybe this you don't understand what I'm talking about.

“So let me give it to you: He misjudged Mark Murphy, the CEO of the Green Bay Packers. He is now public enemy number one in the city of Green Bay because Aaron Rodgers decided to tell the world, ‘Of course, I would have come back. I wanted to and my career as a Packer. Well, but he didn't want me back.’”

Rodgers was highly critical of the Packers’ handling of previous franchise stars at the tail ends of their careers when he spoke on the Pat McAfee Show earlier this week, and while he repeatedly expressed his love for Green Bay and the time he spent there, he also urged the Packers to “do the right thing” and finalize a trade with Gang Green. Rodgers added that the only thing holding up a deal to the Jets is the Packers’ asking price.

With all that in mind, Craig could see Rodgers never making it to the Jets, purely out of spite.

“I just, I have this weird feeling and I think he has misplayed his hand and all he had to do was say, ‘I'll always be a Packer, but everything comes to an end. Looking forward to a couple of years elsewhere, no disrespect, love back,’” Craig said.

“And then you could throw Mark Murphy under the bus 30 times over if you want after it's done, but he shot his shot prematurely.”

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