Evan: Aaron Rodgers 'doesn't get it' when calling out Jets fans negativity


Aaron Rodgers appeared on the Pat McAfee Show and expressed his displeasure in the Jets’ sideline spats during Sunday’s loss, but also mentioned the “negativity” from all corners, including the fanbase and former players.

Rodgers mentioned that fans spreading negativity about the team are “not helping the cause.”

Fans, and former players like Joe Namath, have been critical of Zach Wilson specifically, and Rodgers doesn’t seem to like it. But Evan says the future Hall of Famer has a lot to learn about what Jets fans have endured for decades.

“With all due respect to Aaron, you don’t get it. Seriously, you don’t get it,” Evan said. “To say to Joe Namath, or to me, or to Joe, or to any Jet fan…to any of us, that we all have to ‘stick together?’ no, we’re gonna give our opinions on the team, and the team sucks…we’re gonna give strong opinions on the head coach and the dopey stuff he says after the game. We’re gonna give strong opinions on the guy who is trying to replace you in Zach Wilson.

“This is not Wisconsin. We don’t just sit around and say ‘Well, I hope things are great.
Let’s just cheer and be happy.’ That’s not what we do here. That doesn’t make Joe Namath wrong, or Joe Benigno wrong, or any of us wrong. We’re fans. We have our opinions. I hate to say this, but you only became a Jet 10 minutes ago. I’m sorry, but you did.”

Evan wanted to be clear that he hasn’t turned on Rodgers in any way, but he says his comments on the reaction from the fanbase means he doesn’t understand what Jets fans have gone through for generations.

“A lecture from Professor Rodgers in how we should act, is a little like, ‘Dude, are you serious?’” Evan said. “We’re gonna help the cause by what, coming on the radio and saying everything is great?”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Mike Stobe | Getty Images