Evan & Morash go at it about realistic outlook for rest of Jets season: 'Have you learned anything?'


Evan wants the Jets to show some urgency and make a change at quarterback, convinced any other player under center will give the team a better chance to win over Zach Wilson.

Shaun believes any desperate attempt to save the season is a lost cause. So it didn’t take much to spark a heated argument between Evan and Morash.

“This season has spiralled anyway with these guys, Evan!” Morash said. “We’re at the precipice of hell. It’s done.”

“It’s not done when you are three weeks into the season,” Evan snapped back.

Shaun felt as if Evan, as a Jets fan, was too close to the team to realize the reality that the problems run beyond Wilson at quarterback.

“Have you learned anything about this team through three weeks?” Evan said. “What we have learned is, as much as Zach Wilson is numero uno in their list of problems, the team is not as good as advertised everywhere else, and the offensive line is a big problem.”

Still, Evan isn’t ready to give up, and believes even a slightly better quarterback could lead to the Jets competing for a playoff spot.

“If they didn’t have the 32nd best quarterback in the league, and had the 28th best quarterback, do they win on Sunday?” Evan said. “They still play the Giants. I don’t know if you heard about them, but they’re mediocre. They play the Patriots again….they’re three weeks into the year, and your attitude is, ‘just go down with the ship and shut up.’”

Shaun thought it was outlandish that Evan believed the Jets can win up to nine games if they showed more urgency, and that’s when the argument reached a head.

“They won seven last year, jackass!” Evan shouted.

“Against an easier schedule and backup quarterbacks!” Shaun fired back. “They’re playing the Chiefs on Sunday, they weren’t playing them last year! You’re so freaking delusional.”

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