Evan can now only laugh at sorry state of Jets


Evan couldn’t help but laugh when watching the Jets lose to the Bills on Sunday, as he chronicled when opening Monday’s show.

“I laughed. When this game starts with an Xavier Gipson kick return that’s fumbled, I laugh,” Evan said.

“When Zach Wilson comes on the field and turns around and falls on his ass, the guffawing was at a fever pitch.”

Then, once Wilson was benched, Evan says the laughing grew even louder, before he began wondering why it took until the team was trailing 29-6 for there to finally be a change at quarterback.

“This head coach finally made a quarterback change…at 29-6,” Evan said. “That cracked me up the most.”

Simply put, the Jets have once again become so tough to watch, that Evan can only laugh as to avoid more painful realizations.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Bryan M. Bennett | Getty Images