Gio: Can't even blame Zach Wilson for state of Jets anymore


Gio hasn’t hid his criticism of Zach Wilson over the past two seasons, but at this point, he isn’t blaming the struggling quarterback anymore.

Gio says it’s now on the coaching staff and the front office, who were way too late in sitting down Wilson.

“You know what, you are right in a way that it's not his fault anymore, but not in the way that people were arguing,” Gio said. “They would blame the offensive line, they would blame drops, they would blame everything.

“It's not Zach Wilson's fault anymore. It's Joe Douglas, Rob Saleh, and anybody else that's in that decision making room, whether it's Aaron Rodgers, Woody Johnson, Nathaniel Hackett, it's their fault. He shouldn't be on the field.”

Wilson’s Jets career could be over if he isn’t given another chance this season, but Gio says it is far too late, and the fact that they believed in Wilson to make him the backup to Rodgers before the season was a big mistake in the first place.

“He shouldn't have been on the field the last four weeks,” Gio said. “He shouldn't have been the backup this year. It's not his fault anymore because he's not good enough.

“I'm not saying that he's not trying, he's probably trying his ass off. He just doesn't have it to be an NFL quarterback, and they continued to be stubborn and trot him out there, and you blew a season again, and you had opportunities to upgrade the position.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Stacy Revere | Getty Images