Gio wants Zach Wilson supporters to call him and apologize


Gio has feuded with callers defending Zach Wilson for much of this season, and after Wilson was benched on Sunday, Gio is ready to hear the apologies.

“I want the callers,” Gio said. “I want the Zach Wilson defenders to call in and apologize. I want apologies from you guys.”

Gio went off just weeks ago when a caller declared Wilson a “great quarterback,” and since has said he has no fight left in him when callers continued to support the former No. 2 overall pick. But now, he wants to hear fans admit that they were way off the mark.

“Every single week I would come in here for the last two years and tell you how this guy couldn’t play,” Gio said. “And all I would hear is ‘Oh, he made this throw. He made that throw. His ability.’ No! he’s been terrible since day one, and finally, I think it’s over.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Bryan M. Bennett | Getty Images