Gio would prefer Zach Wilson to show promise over Jets beating Cowboys


As Zach Wilson gets set to make his first start of the season on Sunday, Gio would rather see the former No. 2 overall pick show signs that his draft stock was justified than the Jets shocking Dallas to move to 2-0 on the year.

“I’d almost rather him have a great game, and then lose, than have the Jets win in spite of him,” Gio said. “I really want to see him play great. Because then you’ll have hope. That’s real hope.

“You want real hope. I understand being 2-0 is hope, but you know it’s quarterback play that’s gonna get you to that next level.”

Sure, an upset win against Dallas would be a massive statement for the Jets, but if it happens with Wilson struggling and the defense bailing him out, Gio doesn’t believe that would provide real hope for the rest of the season.

“If you’re gonna compete and be a real factor in the AFC, Zach Wilson has to be great, or very good, at the very least,” Gio said. “So seeing him, against a really good defense, standing in, making a lot of throws, and looking the part, is critical.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Elsa | Getty Images