Ian Rapoport throws cold water on Aaron Rodgers to Jets hot stove


NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport joined Tiki and Tierney for his weekly segment on Thursday, and he poured some cold water on the Aaron Rodgers hot stove.

Yes, the Jets just hired Rodgers’ former offensive coordinator in Nathaniel Hackett, but there would still have to be a lot of things that would need to fall Gang Green’s way in order for them to land the future Hall of Famer.

“The problem is that one, Nathaniel Hackett doesn't run the Jets,” Rapoport said. “He essentially ran the Broncos along with the GM and couldn't get Aaron Rodgers because the Packers wouldn't trade him. I don't know that the Packers would be willing to trade him this year. I mean, Jordan Love is more viable, so I guess theoretically it would make sense. The last year they weren't. So if Denver hired him to get Rodgers, it obviously didn't work.

“It's scary to me to think of a team hiring a coach and saying ‘OK, now that we hired you, you're going to allow us to go get this guy.’ That's like four steps removed from reality. I hope, and what I believe, is that Robert Saleh hired Nathaniel Hackett because he has been in his career, at times, a very good coordinator, is a veteran play caller, and will do a good job with whoever is playing quarterback for the Jets.”

Rapoport has seen all the rumors, but hopes Jets fans recognize that their team being in need of a quarterback and Rodgers entering the twilight of his career doesn’t equal a match made in heaven. There is a long way to go for it to be deemed as even a possibility.

“I need to know that the Packers are willing to trade Aaron Rodgers for that to even be an option, and that's the problem with discussing the Rodgers thing,” Rapoport said. “It’s fun and I think your callers are gonna have a blast and I'm sure when I get off this, my brother's gonna text me and say, ‘Are we getting Aaron Rodgers?’ I don't know that it's viable yet. I really don't. Now, they may try. I don't even know if they're gonna try. I would imagine they will because Joe Douglas swings big, but I don't know that, I would say Jimmy Garoppolo is probably a better chance right now than Aaron Rodgers, and if that was the case, I think that would be pretty good too.”

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