Sal: Jets defense should stop 'tooting own horn' after performance against Cowboys


Much of the talk around the Jets after their improbable Week 1 win was about their vaunted defense, which forced Josh Allen into four turnovers in an overtime victory that had fans hopeful for the season despite losing Aaron Rodgers.

But that same defense, which finished top five in the league last year, allowed the Cowboys to march down the field to open Sunday’s game in an eventual 30-10 loss in which the defense had to be at its best to help Zach Wilson.

“Last year it was overrated, and now again here we are,” Sal said. “If you’re that good of a defense, I don’t care who the quarterback is, you keep yourself in that game. They didn’t do it.

“I think it was a reality check for the Jets and some of their fans.”

The Jets will have a less potent offense to try and contain on Sunday against the Patriots, but Sal says Week 2 was an exercise in humility for a Jets defense that he believes thinks it is better than it really is.

“Reality check. You’re good, but you’re not nearly as great as you think you are,” Sal said. “Stop tooting your own horn, stop touting yourself. You got punked by the Cowboys offense.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Richard Rodriguez | Getty Images