Boomer and Gio like Zach Wilson's leadership growth much more than Daniel Jones


Boomer and Gio have talked to both Zach Wilson and Daniel Jones at training camp over the last two days, but to them, it seems like only one is showing drastic growth as a potential leader.

Both raved about what they heard from Wilson.

“Just talking to him…there is no doubt that there is a difference both physically and mentally in him,” Boomer said. “We’ll just see if it translates to the football field.

“He took trips himself to go hang out with his teammates, and that’s important…all of that stuff is the intangible stuff that I love to hear. that means he’s got that part of it and understands that’s a big part of gaining the respect of his teammates.”

Talking to Wilson certainly had an impact on Boomer after their interview from Jets training camp Tuesday morning. But talking with Jones left something to be desired, at least in the leadership department.

“Why wouldn’t you think that he shouldn’t be able to grow into having a really good year? This kid will take a giant leap this year. You gotta feel that way.

“We talked to Daniel Jones yesterday, and I like him, I want him to do well. He’s just a total flatliner. [Wilson] doesn’t come off that way…the point its, he’s making the attempt to do all that and to garner the team mentality with him being a leader. That’s what I really do appreciate.”

Gio agreed on the leadership aspect when it came to Jones.

“Yesterday when you asked him about leadership, he was like, ‘Well, yeah, we’ve got a lot of leaders on this team,’” Gio said.

“I don’t want to hear that,” Boomer replied. “Come on Daniel, it’s your team!”

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