Evan: Jets have to 'see it through' with Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh, Aaron Rodgers


As bad as the Jets have become, Evan says they need to stick with the regime of Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh, and Nathaniel Hackett.

Why? Because he will not accept blowing it up and likely losing Aaron Rodgers as well, when he was only able to see four plays with Rodgers as the starting quarterback.

“You have to see this through,” Evan said. “I want to do it again. My plan is this: Aaron Rodgers is back next year. You’re hoping he’s healthy. There’s a major risk, he’s coming off of Achilles surgery and he’s 40. But don’t you want to do that?

“If Aaron Rodgers tells Woody Johnson point blank, ‘If you get rid of those guys, I don’t want to be here.’ What are you doing? You’re blowing it up.
You’re willing to do that. I’m not, because I need to see it through.”

Tiki isn’t so sure, and says if Evan doesn’t believe in Saleh, then it doesn’t make sense to keep him, or anyone else from that group, around just for the sake of seeing something through with Rodgers.

“If you don’t believe that Joe Douglas is the right general manager, or that Robert Saleh is the right head coach, or Nate Hackett, my dear friend…you have to move on from them,” Tiki said. “You can’t let that exist as the extension of hope.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports