Carton & Roberts: Zach Wilson spoiling talented Jets team with Super Bowl caliber defense


As Jets fans, Craig and Evan have labored through some bad teams in the past, especially in recent years.

But this season, Gang Green has put together a stout defense and a very promising young core, except the young piece that was seemingly most pivotal to the team’s long-term outlook.

The Jets need a strong quarterback to take the next step, but the time to make that leap is now with how the rest of the team is performing, and Zach Wilson is letting this group down rather than leading it towards new horizons, as the team hoped he would when he was drafted second overall last year.

“You have put together a team with a defense that’s good enough to win a Super Bowl, and you give them nothing,” Craig said.

Evan knows what a bad Jets squad looks like, but this year’s team is a good group that is being bogged down by its supposed franchise savior that just needs to be decent to get New York to the playoffs.

“We’re not asking for Joe Montana here,” Evan said. “That’s what’s so frustrating. We’ve seen a lot of bad Jets offenses in the past five years…but they’re wasting other aspects of their team that are really good.

“When they were getting pathetic offensive play from Adam Gase, it was like ‘Yeah, whatever, this team sucks.’ Their defense is legitimately great, and they’re wasting it. That’s what makes these offensive struggles different from the ones of the past five years.”

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