Joe Benigno goes off on Jets for taking so long to bench Zach Wilson


Joe Benigno was unsurprisingly furious in his weekly appearance with Evan and Tiki, going off on Zach Wilson and how the Jets have handled the whole situation since he was drafted.

“This guy should be cut now,” Joe said. “The message that should be sent is ‘See you Zach, you’re out of here.’

“What are you dressing him for? What? So the fans can destroy him if you put him in the game?”

Not only does Joe want Wilson gone, but at this rate, he wouldn’t be surprised if Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas go down with him, as they have hitched their wagon to Wilson for three years despite next to no signs of improvement.

“You know what coach? You’re going down with this guy,” Joe said. “You’re going down with this brutal freaking quarterback. That’s all there is to say.

“It’s beyond a failure. He’s terrible. He’s one of the worst second overall picks of all time. Douglas is trying to force feed this second pick in the draft, and he has killed the franchise by doing it.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Bryan M. Bennett | Getty Images