Keith: Jets continue to treat fans like they're 'stupid'


Keith says the 2023 Jets are giving off very similar vibes as the modern Yankees regime, which he says acts like the “smartest guys in the room” while consistently “pissing on your leg and telling you it’s raining.”

“If I’m a Jets fan, how do you fight back?” Keith said. “They tell you, you’re on the outside, we’re on the inside, we know better than you. We don’t care what you think or say. Then they eat their words and get fired or lose a bunch of games.

“Us stupid fans, we don’t know anything, right?”

At some point, Keith says that façade will have to come down, and the Jets will have to admit they missed badly on the draft pick. But signing Trevor Siemian doesn’t seem to be an admission of that just yet.

“This is it,” Keith said. “If Zach Wilson doesn’t perform, I don’t know how they can keep running him out there.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Al Bello | Getty Images