Mike Francesa claims former Jets GM called him for advice


When you are New York’s numbah one, even the GMs call you for advice. Well, at least the Jets.

Former WFAN host Mike Francesa claimed on Adam Schein’s podcast that ex-Jets GM Mike Maccagnan used to call him to “pick his brain.”

Francesa was asked about Jets head coach Adam Gase, who is on the hot seat entering Thursday’s game against the Denver Broncos, when the former radio host mentioned that he often spoke with the guy who hired Gase.

“I was very puzzled when [Gase] got the job,” he said. “I used to talk to Maccagnan, Maccagnan used to call me. Now, Maccaganan was an odd guy. He didn’t give anybody extra favors. He never gave me a scoop. But he used to call and pick my brain, I can say that now.”

Francesa said he told Maccagnan that they needed a veteran head coach, but he never mentioned Gase, nor was Gase their first choice.

Instead, the Jets were interested in “the guy from Carolina,” referring to Matt Rhule – who was at Baylor at the time -- but the feeling was not mutual.  They also had interest in Mike McCarthy, but the Packers’ “character assassination” of McCarthy swayed the Jets away and ultimately landed on Gase.

“I just never understood it,” Francesa said. “When I watched Gase in Miami I thought he was a peculiar coach. I didn’t think he was automatically bad or automatically good. I thought he was an odd coach.

“Here, I can’t figure out what he’s doing. It seems like some days he hasn’t even prepared the team to play; It seems like some days he’s actually trying to lose.”

Francesa acknowledged Gase was given some personnel he did not want, such as Le’Veon Bell, but ultimately circled back to Maccagnan and even took a shot at Jets ownership.

“Maccagnan, in retrospect, was not the right guy for the job,” he said. “The Johnsons, though, they don’t know what they’re doing.”

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