Tiki: Nathaniel Hackett shouldn't be crushed when he has dealt with 'incompetence' at quarterback


Evan has made it clear that he is not a fan of Nathaniel Hackett, who Tiki has not hid his affection and admiration for, but objectively, he says the Jets’ offensive woes cannot be placed at the offensive coordinator’s feet.

Citing multiple missed passes or poor decisions on plays that saw the intended receiver wide open, Tiki says it is hard for Hackett to get any success out of an offense when Zach Wilson is running the show on the field.

“I know people are gonna get on Nate,” Tiki said. “But when you have incompetence, when you go into a play and say ‘Hey Zach, get 89. He’s gonna be open. When the pick happens, throw to 89.’ When he doesn’t even look and throws it to the running back for an incompletion? I get it, it’s still on the coordinator, but the quarterback does not help you.”

Wilson has now been benched, but the damage has been done, and Tiki says Wilson cannot be asked to lead the Jets offense again.

“This is exactly what happened last year. This is history repeating itself,” Tiki said. “This is two years in a row, for a kid that you drafted three years ago, you put him on the bench to make him the third-string guy. He’s not an NFL player, at least not in this city…he’s gotta go.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports