Joe B: Knicks fans have to be relieved they avoided 'circus' of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant


Joe Benigno really wanted Evan with him for Saturday’s show.

He just wanted to see his co-host and friend lose it over Kyrie Irving’s reported trade request.

But Joe was flying solo, and he could only thank his lucky stars as a Knicks fan that his team didn’t wind up with these chronic headaches that are Irving and Kevin Durant.

“If you are a fan of the New York Knicks, aren’t you thrilled that Kevin Durant never came to the Knicks?” Joe said. “It would be so much worse now if Durant and Kyrie had wound up playing for the Knicks. We’d be going nuts now if they were Knicks. The Knicks are not the circus that the Brooklyn Nets are…there’s always something with Kyrie.

“Aren’t you glad you’re not the Brooklyn Nets? Aren’t you glad as a Knicks fan that you never got involved with Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving? It’s one absolute disaster after another. It’s a circus.”

Just as the Nets seemed to be leveling off and putting their constant drama in the rearview, things are seemingly in shambles again, as Irving wants out and reportedly won’t even accept a max offer from Brooklyn anymore after being insulted by stipulations in the team’s recent offers, and Irving is now on his way out the door, just the latest in a series of headaches since he signed nearly four years ago.

“What a disgrace. How else can you say it?” Joe said. “I defended Kyrie last year with the whole vaccine thing last year, I thought he was vilified…but this guy, he didn’t want to be in Cleveland, didn’t want to be in Boston, now he wants to play for the Nets, comes here with Durant…now this guy doesn’t want to play here? He wants to be traded by next week? Are you serious?”

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