Boomer & Gio tired of 'drama filled' Mets tenure for Max Scherzer: 'Not what Steve Cohen paid for'


Given the umpires’ thorough check of Max Scherzer on Wednesday, and the fact that they had him switch gloves and watched him wash his hands, Boomer and Gio have a hard time believing that the Mets ace wasn’t using a banned substance that led to his controversial ejection.

“I don’t know how you can [defend him],” Boomer said. “They told them to change his gloves, they told him to wash his hands, they had an MLB official watch him wash his hands.”

Whether he was or not, Wednesday was the latest in a line of narratives that Scherzer has been a part of since signing a record contract with the Mets, and was another reason why Boomer and Gio are fed up with the Scherzer drama.

“What are we doing?” Boomer said. “Of course this is a Met pitcher, a highly-paid Met pitcher who has been very inconsistent since the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Now this, the back problem, the moving him around, it’s becoming so drama filled. Everything around him.”

Gio also has seemingly had enough with Scherzer’s time in New York.

“I have not liked his tenure here as a New York Met,” Gio said. “The IL stints last year, the way he pitched in Atlanta, the way he pitched against the Padres, the beginning of this year, now this. This is not what Steve Cohen paid for.”

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