BT: Max Scherzer is 'back,' and it was foolish to doubt that he wouldn't return to form


Max Scherzer now has a 1.03 ERA in his last four starts after allowing just one earned run in seven innings of work in Thursday’s win over the Phillies.

It has been a welcomed sight for Mets fans, many of which were ready to declare Scherzer done as the future Hall of Famer seemed to be showing his age in a brutal start to the season. But BT says Scherzer’s recent performance is exactly why you don’t count legends out too soon, and Scherzer may be even better than he has been of late as the season moves along.

“The danger of discarding away legends a little early, is that they usually prove you and us wrong,” BT said. “Max Scherzer is back. The numbers back that up, the eyes back that up, the numbers back that up.

“Not only Max Scherzer, but the Mets, all-encompassing…are in the best place they’ve been all season, and Scherzer is a big reason for that.”

Given Scherzer’s age and how 2022 ended for him, BT acknowledges why there was doubt when it came to Scherzer’s outlook for the rest of the season, but BT says he wasn’t foolish enough to doubt one of the best to ever take the mound.

“I understood why we had the discussion. He’s gonna be 40, he broke down at the end of last season,” BT said. “When you’re that old and the results go a little south and the stuff is seemingly eroding, it’s easy to deduce that the guy is done.

“I said ‘No, what this guy has done, the respect that I’m gonna give him, I am at least taking one more month.’ Unlike many of you, I am very happy that for once I exercised an ounce of prudence and I didn’t bury somebody, because not only is Max Scherzer not done, Max Scherzer is about to beast.”

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