Gio recounts discussion with Steve Cohen at Islanders game


Gio got a chance to speak with Steve and Alex Cohen at the Islanders game on Friday night, and recounted to Boomer how he broke the ice by talking with the Mets owner about the time the two traded messages back and forth on Twitter when Steve first bought the team.

At the time, Gio said he was going on a hunger strike until the new Mets owner signed a free agent, leading to Steve messaging Gio and asking if a trade would be enough to end his strike, minutes before news broke that New York had swung a blockbuster deal for Francisco Lindor.

"I started saying ‘Steve, I don’t know if you remember this, but you and me had this fun little DM thing going back and forth before the Lindor trade,'" Gio said.

"He pretended like he didn’t remember. He said, ‘I’m not saying I didn’t do that, but I don’t remember that,’ and we had a chuckle about it."

Alex, Steve's wife, said she bet Steve was holding back.

"She laughed at that," Gio said. "She loved it. She goes to me, ‘Oh he remembers. He’s just acting to cool to remember it.’"

Gio said his conversation with Alex was one of the highlights of the night at UBS Arena, learning how much she was invested in the Mets.

"Alex Cohen is so cool…me and her have the same vocabulary, let me tell you that much," Gio said. "We were going back and forth, shooting f-bombs at each other, couple New Yorker growing up as Mets fans, just talking about that Padres series and how disappointing it was."

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