'All Star' band Smash Mouth questions Robinson Cano's Hall of Fame candidacy


It's been a bad stretch of days for Robinson Cano, whose second suspension due to a violation of the league's PED policy earned him a 162-game ban and a potential spot in Cooperstown when his career is all said and done.

One of his least expected critics? Famed alternative rock, ska and punk band Smash Mouth, best known for their massive 1999 smash hit "All Star" — and NO, they are not a one-hit wonder. By the time this article is done, any doubters as to their status as a non-one-hit wonder will have come across so many Smash Mouth song title references that it'll be impossible to say that "All Star" is all they're known for.

On Wednesday, Smash Mouth tweeted their bold stance on Cano's career with respect to another offensive-minded second baseman.

That's true: Kent had 377, where as Cano sits at 334. Kent also leads in RBI (1,518 to 1,302) and OPS (.855 to .844), among other statistics. But Cano leads in WAR (68.9 to 55.4), he was a much better fielder, he didn't have the same attitude issues that plagued Kent's career, and he led in the most obvious category of all, at least in the context of Smash Mouth. Hey now, he was an All-Star eight times, whereas Kent was named to an All-Star roster five times.

Also, if you're basing someone's Hall of Fame candidacy solely on the fact that he hit a few more home runs than the other guy, you might be "Stoned." By that logic, Dave Kingman and Adam Dunn, for instance, would have been inducted without much question. "Come on, Come on" Smash Mouth... you can do better than that.

However, if you vote in Cano at this point, you might as well be "Walkin' on the Sun," by which I mean you're going to walk in on a lot of criticism for that choice. Someone who cheated not once but twice shouldn't get enshrined in a celebratory ring of elite players, even if a punishment is served in both cases.

Does Kent have a chance to get in? I wouldn't say that "I'm A Believer," considering the former Giant, Met and Dodger (among other teams) earned 27.5 percent of the vote in his seventh season on the ballot. Though it was a fairly large step up from 2019 (18.1 percent), he still has quite a ways to go in the next three seasons to reach that 75 percent threshold. Besides, "I Just Wanna See" if guys like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens get in before I start worrying about cases like Kent and Cano, who may or may not pick up his MLB career again following this latest ban at age 38.

In my opinion, when the time comes and Cano is named to the ballot, the BBWAA voters "Better Do It Right" and keep Cano out, regardless of what happens with Kent's candidacy.

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